On a woman's most important day, you will surely pick a pair of crystal shoes and embark on the red carpet of your life. Of course, there is a custom in China, is the married daughter barefoot by the uncle hugged the car, let the mother put on new shoes for herself. Therefore, even if this pair of shoes only wear once, the back is permanently preserved, it must be the most beautiful, and wear a day will not be tired.

Foreign countries because only the wedding dress link, there are Chinese-style links, dinner links, so a pair of gorgeous color satin RV is also essential, used to match your cheongsam or dress. In addition to weddings, you can also wear satin crystals on more grand occasions.

Roger Vivier's Satin square buckle crystal shoes, has been a lot of stars and celebrities as the first choice of wedding shoes, in some need to dress up the occasion, will also be the first consideration of RV satin shoes. Silk satin with crystal, luxurious incomparable. Outside satin, inside the material of sheepskin, the expansion is relatively large, the foot thin suggested to choose little half code.

Square Buckle's flat shoes are the most classic and hottest style. The obvious brand logo square buckle, but also has a lot of interpretation: metal, hawksbill, resin, suede, crystal, metal wrapping. So, even if you want to buy a pair of flat-bottomed RV before you go out, you still choose a phobia attack at the counter.In fact, the easiest way is to get started when you buy a pair of classic, because only wear the classic, you can feel the brand to bring you the greatest charm value.

Rhinestone side deduction, it is particularly suitable for the personality of the sister. If the office does not advocate a "low-key culture", a pair of blind crystal buckle RV absolutely makes you an all-office woman's "hate object."

If you are the kind of foot type is not very good, often easy to grind the skin, the instep high foot is relatively wide, it is recommended that you buy suede leather, because the ash is often soft, above the square buckle does not matter, hawksbill more casual, even can wear to travel, metal is more mature and stable some, wear to the office is also undisputed praise.